About YPRO

The Young Professionals Reachout Organization (YPRO) is a non-profit organization conceptualized by service-committed individuals which aims in reaching out to various groups in the community.

Members are mostly friends and colleagues that are IT professionals in Cebu, Manila, Singapore, and Japan. We started out with a few people and eventually grew up to 46 members as more and more people became interested.

How to become a member?

As of this time, there's no screening for members. All those who volunteered or donated in all activities are considered part of the organization. Some may not know that they are members already.

Who gets to decide and start things?

Here are the amazing people behind every YPRO activity. They are not only front-runners but into service as well. We believe that being a leader is not instructing how to do things but doing it first for others to follow.

Amazing YPRO Team:

Document Auditor: Bryan Postrado
Site Maintenance: Charry Catingub
Community Manager: Mark Julio
Rowena Fuentes
Corie Toring
Project Coordinators: 
Dea Escalona
Gem Fua
Operations Coordinator: 
Ristie Salazar
Kresia Ramas

Want to contact us?

Just visit and give us a hello at our FB page.

Note that we are not 24/7 in operations. We just do our share yearly since 2010. This 2013 was the biggest activity we have so far. We operated almost whole month of November due to the calamities that struck in our province and neighboring areas. Our last activity would be this coming Saturday (November 30, 2013), relief distribution in Medellin, Cebu. After that, the amazing team will give ourselves time to relax but rest assured that we won't forget the fact that our fellow Filipino is still in suffering. Will let you know if we have new operations soon!

As of this date, November 28, 2013, we are no longer accepting donations in cash, kind or anything. If you still want to give, we can forward you to our friend orgs or you can just pick an organization of your choice. We can only pray that your help will REALLY reached those in need. Don't worry God is always watching.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!
Till next time!

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