Monday, November 18, 2013

B2B Bohol Ops

The planned YPRO team together with 2 impromptu volunteers arrived in Tubigon Port at 9:30 AM, Sunday November 17, 2013.

Team Picture. (Top to Bottom)
Bus to the boat.
At the boat.
Getting settled ready for Clarin.
While waiting for the other members at Pier 3.
Assembly at MM's Place. 
After loading the goods unto the provided pickup by Annie Dico, Brgy Bacani contact, the team had a quick stop at Tubigon plaza. The place is still bearing evidence of the catastrophic disaster that happened a month ago.

Devastations. (Top to Bottom)
Tubigon Municipal Hall.
House on the street on the way to Clarin.
Tubigon Church.
Clarin Church.
The Tubigon municipal hall was aweful with too many cracks. The church looks disastrous. If not for the people loitering the plaza and the tricycles, anyone would have thought that it was an abandoned place.

On the way to Clarin, the team was awed of the devastations. Broken houses everywhere. Although the street looks safe, you could see the remnants of the sands that were used to cover the cracks. It was heartbreaking to listen to their experiences.

More Devastations at Clarin.
Ate Gina, our Poblacion contact related that the aftershocks are slowly becoming their norms. People would wonder if a day passed without it. And each day, they feared for their safety.

Minutes later we arrived at Brgy Bacani. We stopped at a house beside the street. There were still few people but when we finally unloaded everything, the number grew.

The people are all smiles while the team is distributing. 
We wasted no time. Started the distribution as soon as Ate Annie handed the beneficiary list. With each name called, laughter followed. Everyone seemed happy and excited. The atmosphere was overflowing with humor. My heart swells. They truly embodied the unique Filipino traits, humorous still even in disaster. Hope in times of despair. After the distribution of 50 tarps, the distribution of medicine and grocery pack followed to a new set of beneficiaries. In total, YPRO provided 10 tarps to Brgy Poblacion c/o Ate Gina, 50 tarps, 50 grocery packs and 60 medicine packs to Brgy Bacani c/o Ate Annie. The distribution ended with them waving at us on the pickup. It was evident in their smiles just how glad they are that we came. We were all glad too.

Group picture with the residents of Brgy Bacani.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome and making our lives easier by being extra fun and cooperative. May the government never forget you and all of Bohol. Hope they will realize that you are still in need too. 
Lunch was at Ate Gina's house. And before the meal, we were given a "Suman" surprise.

We were so full after that we decided to loiter. We saw some more devastations. Around 1:30 PM, we decided to bid farewell. We left Tubigon aboard a fastcraft at 2:00 PM. The team reached Cebu an hour after.

And because we finished our mission ahead of time, the team took the time to roam and some photo ops. 
Bohol Team: Kring, Ristie, Bryan, July, Gilbert, Erwin, Victor, Lawrence
Benefeciary: Brgy Poblacion & Brgy Bacani, Clarin, Bohol
Contact: Annie Dico, Gina
Relief Provided: 60 tarps, 50 grocery packs, 60 medicine packs
Donation Total: PHP 24, 017.00

But of course, it wouldn't have been successful if not for these people who prepared the relief packs.
Thank you so much.
Your efforts will never be forgotten.


If you are interested for more details, don't hesitate to mail us.
Again, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

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